Hi. Join Little Levity at the WPI Lunchtime Summer Series, Weds, Aug 16 noon to 1. We'll play on the patio behind the Rubin Campus Center (unless it rains, then they'll move us inside the building). Open to the public. No cover. Hope to see you there!

The Glass Man (panel 7), A rock opera about a glass installer pushed to his financial brink who makes a monster of the lifetime of accumulated debris in his glass shop. When the monster is raised, the glass installer sees in the transparent and mirror fragments before him the richness of his life.

Little Levity

Jan. 20, 2017, Loft 266 (ground floor)

AKA Blue Jeans Bistro

266 Park Ave, Worcester, Mass

Tim Gunderman, John Hannum, Fran Reagan, Lawrence Strauss invite you to an evening of dinner, drinks and rock (opera) at the ground floor of Loft 266/Blue Jeans Bistro, Jan. 20 at 8. There is a — in the words of Mad Magazine — CHEAP $5 cover.

We'll be playing some selections from Little Levity's rock opera, the Glass Man, and lots of other tunes from the 1940s to today. Special guests, too. You won't want to miss this!

Tim Gunderman, John Hannum, Fran Reagan & Lawrence Strauss

A Musical Collaboration, Est. 2006

Actually Little Levity was born out of an earlier Worcester, Mass band, Acacia. Tim and Lawrence were founding members of Acacia; Fran played along on occasion.

And, I suppose those symbols are connected to the Led Zep idea (though my symbol was the 1st and originated as a way of signing my paintings ([it's Lawrence writing these words]). Tim's is an Enso, meaning spontanaeity, as he is always in pursuit of being fully invested playing in the moment which is the birthplace of improvisation (the symbol also kind of looks like a G). John's symbol is a nod to the original electric guitar hero. Fran's is an acoustic guitar body and f-hole-derived shape. Mine is my initials turned into a face.

I am a worthy human being

— Sen. Franken

"... lot of fun, we've got to do this again next year" –James McLaughlin, Assistant Dean of Student Programs, WPI

"Trippy acoustic-based trio ... with a far-out set" –Craig Semon, Telegram and Gazette

"Your music was truly inspiring" –Donna Winant, host of Artspeak

"... our favorite Worcester band ... thanks for keeping it hopping!" –Paul and Holly Lavallee got married and Little Levity played

"quite a success! Little Levity played grooving music" –Nathan Joiner, son of "Cousin Lynn" Joiner, host of Hillbilly at Harvard

Little Levity Debuts Glass Man Rock Opera

Greendale's, Worcester

Above is a sample track, Fallen Man (requires Flash and Javascript), from Little Levity's Glass Man rock opera, the story of a man in the glass installation business who makes a monster out of the debris of his trade. The story is a Worcester, Mass adaptation of the tale of the Golem of Prague.

Muse Lodge

Brookfield, Mass, Summer 2009

In 2009, Little Levity, then a trio (to my understanding, John was not yet born), recorded at the studio of Paul Provost, Muse Lodge. The sample song, All's Well, above (requires Flash and Javascript), was recorded during these sessions (that's Bill Lebeau whistling on there). The photo, above, is by the great Dennis Vandal of Amherst, Mass.

Glass Man CD (and download)

Get Little Levity's Debut Release

The Glass Man CD is a signed, limited edition and includes the illustrated story of the Glass Man. $20 + $2.69 shipping. Your CD purchase also gets you a link to download the album. The CD makes a unique gift.

Purchase Glass Man CD

Musical composition by Tim Gunderman, Fran Reagan and Lawrence Strauss from the rock opera, The Glass Man
(Tim Gunderman, guitars, Fran Reagan, drums, Lawrence Strauss, keyboards)

Little Levity Performs at WPI

Worcester Polytechnic Institute's

Summer Concert Series

For the second year Little Levity has performed '60s hits and forgotten gems from that era at WPI's lunchtime Summer Concert Series. Contact Lawrence, Tim, John and Fran at mail@littlelevity.com to book us for your event.

For booking information

please email mail@littlelevity.com

Musical composition by Tim Gunderman, Fran Reagan and Lawrence Strauss. Recorded by Paul Provost at Muse Lodge, 2009
(Tim Gunderman, bass guitar, Fran Reagan, drums, Lawrence Strauss, acoustic guitar)

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